At First Breath Industries, your safety is our business. For further information please contact us for a quote and more detailed training course outlines.

Fire Training

First Breath Industries uses an environmentally friendly state of the art fire training system. This 'green' system portrays very real simulated fire situations and gives staff hands on experience in dealing with small fires.

Warden Training

The role of a Fire Warden is crucial in the event of a work place emergency. Warden training covers the role of a fire warden and First Breath Industries offers a comprehensive training course which is designed to prepare fire wardens for an emergency situation.

Evacuation Training

To encompass your Fire and Warden training, First Breath Industries offers Evacuations Training for your staff. This practical exercise could prove to be instrumental in the safety of lives in the event of a fire or similar emergency. 

Extinguisher Servicing

First Breath Industries can cater to your extinguisher needs by offering safety audits of your business. Not only can we supply appropriate and good quality extinguishers at very competitive rate, but can offer routine servicing of your fire fighting equipment.

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